VROV Featured in OSC’s Integrated Subsea Simulator

GRi’s VROV system is being featured in OSC’s integrated subsea simulator. The Offshore Simulation Centre (OSC), headquartered in Ålesund, Norway, is utilizing VROV as part of their cutting-edge training in marine activities, particularly for the Åsgard Subsea Compressor installation project.

The Åsgard field is located off the coast of Norway in depths ranging from 240-310 meters. The project, overseen by Statoil, presents unique technological and operational challenges, being the world’s first active full-scale subsea compression project. Subsea compression is useful in lowering the environmental footprint and maintaining production levels as an alternative to installing a new platform. VROV is being applied in OSC’s ROV Operator Control Room to help ensure the safety and efficiency of these project outcomes.

VROV’s Full Desktop Simulator replicates the actual piloting experience with ultra-high fidelity graphical and procedural simulation. As a mission rehearsal tool, VROV has consistently demonstrated its ability to simulate System Integration Testing for complex, multi-faceted missions. This is due in large part to the range of dynamic objects and systems, along with its embedded Finite Element Analysis engine option.

Please view the following video to see how VROV is being incorporated in the world’s first integrated subsea simulator.