Inspection Class ROV Simulation

Inspection Class ROVs demand a training simulator with capabilities equal to the importance of the tasks they perform. They are used to facilitate the safe and efficient undertaking of activities where the use of work class ROVs or divers is not advisable or not possible. These ROVs have application in sectors as diverse as the oil and gas industry, law enforcement, research and exploration, and the military.


The Inspection Class ROV Simulation Training system offers a wide range of training content and competency for a wide-range of tasks, including:

Military, Law Enforcement and Homeland Security
  • Body and evidence recovery
  • Ship hull, waterways, port infrastructure and incident inspection
  • Mine and contraband detection and countermeasures,
  • Blackbox search and recovery.
Civil Infrastructure Integrity Support
  • Inspection and maintenance of Nuclear Facilities
  • Water Pipes and Tanks
  • Bridge and Dams.
Oil and Gas
  • Asset integrity inspection of pipelines and field structures
  • Gauge and connector inspection and cleaning
  • Workclass intervention assistance
  • Well capping and containment operations
  • Inspection and debris clearance assistance