GRi Launches Online Store

Members of the Royal Canadian Navy training on VROV for SeaBotix vehicles.


GRi Simulations is pleased to announce the opening of its online store for Inspection Class ROV simulation. Opening in September 2016, the store enables ROV operators around the world to experience the benefits of GRi’s industry leading VROV simulation.

The store launches with GRi’s VideoRay package. VideoRay simulation will allow pilots to choose from a variety of vehicle configurations, including sonar and manipulator options, to replicate the user’s real-world setup.

Following the release of GRi’s VideoRay simulator, GRi will be making its SeaBotix simulation available to online customers. The SeaBotix simulator has been in use since early 2016 by the Royal Canadian Navy through the Build in Canada Innovation Program.

GRi has worked closely with the engineers of VideoRay and SeaBotix to replicate the dynamics of each vehicle. Inspection Class VROV contains a number of interactive features designed to attain the highest fidelity possible to the piloting experience.

  • Real World Scenarios: VROV supports a diverse set of inspection class scenarios focused on a number of core competencies.
  • Objective Overlay/Summary Report: These features provide the in-scenario guidance and feedback necessary to complete a mission without the aid of an instructor.
  • Target Randomization: Key objects are situated randomly throughout the scenarios, ensuring that missions never become predictable.
  • Real Time Sonar: Real time simulated sonar data may be displayed on the VSonar module or OEM topsides.
  • Control Integration: VROV integrates with industry-standard controllers to ensure fidelity to real-world processes.httpstoregrisimcom

For more information please visit GRi’s new online store




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