GRi Simulations Awarded Build in Canada Innovation Program (BCIP) Contract

GRi Simulations has been awarded a contract from the Government of Canada’s Build in Canada Innovation Program (BCIP). The contract has been awarded for GRi’s ROV small vehicle simulator.

The BCIP program assists companies in the pre-commercialization gap of a product’s development, allowing a company to receive direct feedback on their innovation’s market readiness. Through the BCIP program, companies can demonstrate the practical utilities of their product’s advances on a commercial level. Therefore, the program operates with the objective of enhancing the efficiency of government operations while gaining a practical real-world application of a developing innovation.

GRi’s innovation is in the area of small vehicle ROV simulation. Due to their relative affordability and accessibility (as compared to work-class ROVs), small ROVs are often tasked with challenging inspection missions which have implications for public safety and security. Typical small vehicle missions include tasks in the categories of:

  • Military and homeland security
  • Ship hull and infrastructure inspection
  • Mine countermeasures
  • Law enforcement (search-and-rescue, body searching, evidence collection, black box recovery)
  • Oil and gas inspection

A small vehicle mission involves a series of unique tasks for operators, as each objective presents distinct challenges. Due to the variability of the tasks they perform, small ROVs require a simulator that can respond to the demands of the real world environment. GRi’s simulator uses high-fidelity sonar simulation and realistic training scenarios to ensure skill acquisition that is applicable to the real piloting experience.

GRi’s simulator can allow a user to refine mission-specific training goals without the constant supervision of an instructor or experienced pilot. This is in part due to GRi’s competency assurance program which updates mission dive plan instructions as the user progresses through a set of tasks. Pilots are timed and evaluated on core competencies and mission outcomes, providing feedback on the progression of a particular pilot and areas for improvement.

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