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GRi Simulations Inc. is a Canadian company focused on real-time simulation, modeling and visualization of critical marine activities to support increased process efficiency and operational safety.

Founded in 1986, GRi’s initial focus was on developments in bathymetric surveying using semi-submersible platforms. In 1997, GRi began work on the Virtual Remotely Operated Vehicle (VROV) Simulator System, an instructional platform for the training of ROV pilots with unparalleled dynamic realism. With this advance, GRi began its focus on computer modeling and simulation of subsea operations.

GRi has subsequently been characterized by its ability to innovate based upon the unique challenges and opportunities of its clients, solidifying VROV’s status as an industry-leading ROV pilot training tool while adding dimensions of situational testing and mission rehearsal to its utility. With the introduction of iDEA-FDK, an advanced 3D design and visualization tool, GRi has created a platform by which VROV simulation and high-fidelity engineering analysis tools can facilitate field layout designs, promoting the environmental and operational objectives of oil and gas projects.

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Our mission is to enhance safety, security and productivity of marine systems and operations through the provision of advanced 3D simulation, visualization, and integrated engineering technologies.


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